Scout’s Story

Hello, world! Our names are Tara Beth and Trey Warrick. We are Mommy and Daddy to a precious and loved child named Scout. We feel very much like a mommy and a daddy, though the world may not perceive us that way because we aren’t “tangible” parents. We were (very!) surprised to learn in August of 2009 that we were expecting our first baby. As the reality of the news began to sink in, Mommy’s body started to have difficulties with the pregnancy. Mommy had hyperemesis and Daddy was left to care for her, the house, and the pets, all while working full-time. Over the course of the pregnancy, Mommy was hospitalized several times for dehydration and she lost 17 lbs.

Just as the sickness was beginning to lessen, we were scheduled for our 18 week ultrasound. We were so excited to see and learn the gender of the little trouble maker that was giving Mommy such a hard time. However, our ultrasound showed that there was very little amniotic fluid around Baby, and Baby’s measurements were about a week ‘behind’. We had the quad screen done which displayed elevated AFP (alpha fetal protein) levels, usually indicating an open-spine defect. We were referred to a high-risk specialist in Charlotte, NC. Our appointment with the specialist on December 11, 2009 was the last time we ever saw our baby’s heart beating. Our doctor told us that we were at high-risk for a stillbirth or that Mommy would have to be hospitalized at 24 weeks and it would be a day by day decision as to when to take the baby. We were crushed as neither of these options were ‘good’.

The next several days were very foggy, but on the evening of December 14th, Mommy just knew that something wasn’t right. Mommy and Daddy checked into the hospital and learned that our precious baby’s heart had stopped beating. We were induced into labor, which lasted about 18 hours, followed by a trip to the OR for a D&E. Scout Warrick was born late in the afternoon of December 15, 2009, at only 20 weeks. Our baby was breech and labor did quite a bit of damage to our baby’s body. In fact, Scout’s tissues were so damaged that we were unable to have an autopsy or know for sure if we had a son or a daughter. Leaving the hospital without our baby was one of the most challenging and profound moments of our lives. We cannot describe to you the void in our hearts without our little one. We chose the name Scout because To Kill a Mockingbird is Mommy’s favorite book, and we felt strongly that our baby was a girl (and we know she had Mommy’s chin and long legs). Just in case Scout was a boy, we figured the name sounded ‘gender-neutral’, and was very close to ‘Scott’ which is Daddy’s middle name. Several weeks later we held a memorial service to honor our baby and dedicate her to Jesus.

Though we are having ‘better’ days, we still find ourselves grieving over our first baby. Many of you who know us are aware that we do not like to go quietly into the night, and the loss of Baby Scout has been no different. We have been as open and honest about this challenging process as possible. We are also determined that some good will come out of this awful situation.

A note from Tara Beth: The support of other women who have walked this journey, who are believers in Jesus, has been paramount in my healing process. It is through their prayer and their wisdom that I have been able to look ‘up’ in the darkness of grief. Baby Scout, and the support of these women have inspired me to organize a community-wide event to build support and awareness of pregnancy and infant loss. Just as breast cancer has become an ‘okay’ topic to address in mainstream society, I believe the death of children should be also. I would greatly appreciate your support in making this event happen. Angie Smith promises to deliver a powerful message of God’s faithfulness and will share her story of hope regarding her daughter, Audrey Caroline, who is deeply missed.  And of course, Trey and I covet your prayers as we continue to long for the day we see our Scout again, and we long for the future children God has prepared for us.

Thank you all for sharing this journey with us,

Tara Beth & Trey Warrick


One Response to “Scout’s Story”

  1. Candice Beam September 9, 2010 at 2:28 AM #

    I am so touched by Scout’s story, and your courage and strength. As you know, I have suffered two miscarriages and I thank God daily for sending me those little angels. Even if they were not meant for me to hold in my arms, I hold them in my heart forever. Like you, I feel that it is important to talk about the loss of the babies, although I sometimes seem to make others uncomfortable when I talk about them. I am looking forward to this event and would be happy to help in any way possible.Love to you all!

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